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Use Dental Benefits Before the End of 2023 to Keep Your Kids Healthy

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Use Your Kids’ Dental Benefits Before the End of 2023, or You Lose Them.

There are just a few weeks until the end of the year, and if you have been paying for dental insurance coverage, now is the best time to use it. This is why Sunny Skies Pediatric Dentistry wants to make sure your family makes the best use of their dental insurance benefits in Wilson, NC, before they expire so that your kids can begin 2024 with a healthier and brighter smile.

Our pediatric dentist in Wilson, Dr. Cornelius Martin, will explore the importance of using your family’s dental insurance benefits to improve your child’s oral health and the best ways to use them before they expire. 

Dental Benefits and Your Child’s Oral Health

Your kids’ dental benefits plan is an insurance policy that covers the cost of teeth and gum issues and protects your family from high out-of-pocket dental expenses. Dental insurance benefits help you effectively manage the cost of maintaining healthy teeth for your kids.

Most child dental procedures, such as diagnostic services, preventative services, emergency services, and other treatments, are covered by your dental insurance. However, these benefits expire at the end of the year, and you may lose them if you do not use all the benefits allotted to your family.

Remember that dental insurance in Wilson for your children is not free. You paid for it and deserve a chance to make the most of it to improve your child’s oral health. We encourage you to maximize your children’s dental insurance benefits before time runs out.

Why You Should Use Your Family’s Dental Benefits Before They Expire

You should use your family’s dental benefits in Wilson for various reasons. Here are a few reasons why you should use their dental benefits before the end of the year:

You Paid For It

Before your children’s dental benefits can be activated, most dental insurance plans require you to pay a certain amount; a deductible. Hence, if you’ve paid the deductible for 2023 but fail to use the benefits, then the money is wasted for that year.

Suppose your children don’t have any reason to visit your dentist for services such as emergency services and other treatments, you still need to schedule an appointment with their dentist at least twice a year for x-rays, examinations, and dental cleanings.

Note that you must pay a new deductible for your family’s care when the new year arrives. So, ensure you make use of the benefits your children have before December 31st. 

Yearly Maximums Do Not Roll Over

Your family’s yearly maximum is a specific dollar amount your plan will cover for dental treatments in a year. If you have yet to exhaust your annual maximum, now is the best time to visit your family’s dentist in Wilson and use the dental benefits your insurance plan covers. 

Remember that your family’s yearly maximum will not roll over to the next year. So, if you don’t use up the maximum amount for your dental coverage, you will lose the unused benefits.

Delays Can Be Worse

Many dental issues build up gradually in the mouth and only become evident after becoming a serious problem. However, regular visits to your children’s dentist can help diagnose these issues early and when they are less costly and easy to fix.

When your kids delay visiting the dentist or don’t use their dental benefits to address developing problems in their teeth, their dental issues may worsen and require more expensive treatment options. However, it’s important to know that dental benefits do not cover all dental treatments. Therefore, it’s better to use them to spot problems early and prevent them from worsening.

How To Use Your Kids’ Dental Benefits in Wilson, NC

If you are wondering how to make the most of your children’s dental benefits before 2023 ends, here are a few ways to use those dental insurance benefits in Wilson:

  • Create Your Treatment Plans: We give our patients the customized care they need, knowing that your oral health mirrors your overall health. We will help you determine the treatments your family’s dental insurance covers, creating a treatment plan that allows you to improve your kids’ smiles.

  • Care for Your Children: You can use dental benefits for the best pediatric treatments. We offer pediatric dentistry in Wilson to prevent dental cavities and tooth decay while preserving your child's oral health.

  • Work With Your Dentist to Address Dental Issues: Visit your children’s dentist to use their remaining dental benefits to address the oral health conditions they might be experiencing. If your family requires extensive dental care, we will continue treatments in 2024 as you renew their dental benefits. 

Don't Waste Those Benefits; Schedule an Appointment With Your Pediatric Wilson Dentist Now!

Dental health insurance can expire, so be sure to use them before your kids lose them. Visit our pediatric dentist in Wilson near Goldsboro, Rocky Mount, Zebulon, Kinston, Elm City, Tarboro, and Greenville, NC to beat the holiday. Schedule an appointment to avoid missing out on the life-changing dental treatments your family requires.


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