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Our Story

Welcome to Sunny Skies Pediatric Dentistry, where smiles shine brighter than the sun! We are delighted to share our origin story with you, as it reflects our commitment to providing exceptional pediatric dental care and creating a welcoming, kid-friendly environment for our young patients in Wilson, North Carolina.


Dr. Martin's dedication to providing specialized care for children with unique dental requirements became the cornerstone of Sunny Skies Pediatric Dentistry. His unwavering commitment to making dental visits a positive experience for all children fueled his vision of creating a practice that prioritizes their comfort, safety, and overall well-being. ​


At Sunny Skies Pediatric Dentistry, our mission is to deliver the highest quality pediatric dental care and health education to your child in an environment that embraces their individuality and fosters their dental health journey. We understand that each child is unique, and we strive to create a dynamic relationships between our providers, our patients, and their families.


​We believe in the power of positivity and aim to create a cheerful and inviting atmosphere where children can feel at ease. From our friendly team to our vibrant and engaging office design, every aspect of Sunny Skies Pediatric Dentistry is thoughtfully designed to make your child's visit enjoyable and stress-free.​


Join us as we create a world where every child can confidently smile, laugh, and embrace their dental visits with joy and excitement. Together, let's brighten the skies with beautiful, healthy smiles!​​

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Office Policies


We prioritize scheduling all new patients and children under the age of six in the morning, while we aim to keep the afternoon appointments reserved for established, school-aged children. Our goal is to ensure the best possible care for your child, and to achieve this, we have set aside a specific time just for your appointment.

We highly value punctuality and will do our best to be on time for your child's appointment. Therefore, we kindly request that you arrive promptly at your scheduled time. Although rare, there may be occasions when an emergency arises, leading to a slight delay.

In the event that you need to reschedule your appointment, we offer the flexibility to do so without any charges, provided you give us a 48-hour notice. This allows us to allocate the time to another patient. However, please be aware that if an appointment is missed without prior notification, our office reserves the right to apply a missed appointment fee.

Our commitment is to provide excellent care for your child, and we appreciate your cooperation and understanding in following our scheduling guidelines.

Do I stay with my child during visit?

Yes, we kindly request that parents accompany their child to all appointments. However, in situations where the family is accompanied by siblings, we may politely ask the family to wait in the designated waiting room. This request is made to ensure sufficient space and allow our team to focus solely on providing the best possible dental care for the child. Your understanding and cooperation in this matter are greatly appreciated as we prioritize the comfort and well-being of each child during their dental visit.

Do you accept my dental insurance?

At Sunny Skies Pediatric Dentistry, we are pleased to accept a wide range of dental insurance plans, including Aetna, Ameritas, BCBS, Delta Dental, Humana, Medicaid, Metlife, United Healthcare, and more!!!


Accepted forms of payment:


Personal Check

Most major credit cards (Processing fee may apply)

Payment at the Time of Service:

For all appointments, we kindly request payment at the time services are provided. Our goal is to focus on your child's dental care without any administrative delays, allowing us to maintain the highest level of service and attention during their visit.


Dental Insurance:

We understand the importance of dental insurance coverage for many families. As a courtesy, we are happy to work with most dental insurance plans to help you maximize your benefits. It is important to note that dental insurance is a contract between you and your insurance provider. Therefore, as the policyholder, you are responsible for any copays, deductibles, or non-covered services at the time of your child's appointment.

Copays and Deductibles:

If your dental insurance plan requires a copayment for dental services, we kindly request that you make the payment at the time of your child's visit. Additionally, any applicable deductibles will also need to be paid upfront before services are rendered.

Coverage Verification:

To ensure a seamless experience, we encourage you to provide us with accurate and up-to-date insurance information before your child's appointment. Our team will verify your dental insurance coverage and benefits before their visit, enabling us to provide you with a clear understanding of your financial responsibilities.

Estimated Treatment Costs:

For more extensive treatments, we will gladly provide you with an estimate of the expected costs and your portion of the expenses. This will allow you to plan accordingly and make informed decisions about your child's dental care.

At Sunny Skies Pediatric Dentistry, we prioritize your child's oral health and strive to make their dental experience as pleasant as possible. Should you have any questions or require further clarification regarding our financial policy, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff. Thank you for entrusting us with your child's dental care needs. We look forward to serving your family with excellence and compassion.

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