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Diagnostic Services

Dental Exams (Routine Check-ups)

A dental exam is a check-up with the dentist to make sure your child's teeth and mouth are healthy. The dentist will look at their teeth and may take some pictures. It helps keep their smile strong and prevents any problems from getting worse. It's essential to do this regularly to keep their teeth happy and healthy!


Experience Top-Notch Pediatric Dentistry In Wilson, NC

Are you looking for the best pediatric dentist in Wilson, NC, near Goldsboro, Rocky Mount, Zebulon, Kinston, Elm City, Tarboro, and Greenville, NC, to perform your child's dental procedure? Welcome to Sunny Skies Pediatric Dentistry, where we make your child's smile brighter than the sun. Our pediatric dentist is dedicated to providing top-quality, child-friendly dental care that ensures your child feels relaxed and happy during every dental visit. 

Sunny Skies Pediatric Dentistry is not just a dental practice but a trusted partner in your kid's oral and overall well-being. We offer a wide range of dental services to give your child the best oral health and improve their overall quality of life. We go above and beyond to ensure your child's oral health is in the best hands.


Meet Our Pediatric Dentist In Wilson

Dr. Cornelius Martin is a board-certified pediatric dentist at Sunny Skies Pediatric Dentistry. With his years of expertise, Dr. Martin would ensure your kid receives comprehensive and compassionate dental care. With a passion for pediatric dentistry and a commitment to excellence, he is dedicated to providing the best care for your child's oral health.

As a parent himself, Dr. Martin understands the unique needs and concerns that come with pediatric dental care and treatments. His personalized approach and extensive experience in pediatric dentistry make him a trusted choice for parents who want the best for their child's oral health. Choose Sunny Skies Pediatric Dentistry for your kid today and enjoy the benefits of having Dr. Martin as your Wilson dentist.

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